NAME: Sakazaki Yuuya
HEIGHT: Classified
WEIGHT: Classified
CURRENT STATUS: Sexy and suave
A+ Spy

*rushes inside* It’s the best weather ever and there’s flies inside, but I can’t sit outside cus people fucking smoke in my face

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[text] Sakazaki! Do you remember the time you mentioned that sometimes strange things happen around Littledove that are best to ignore and remain unexplained? I am pretty sure I just witnessed one.

[text] There was a strange man who appeared to be lurking nearby that large silver office building opposite the park. All of a sudden he darted off down an alley and there were really loud gunshots

[text] I think I might have just stumbled onto something unpleasant. I hope he didn’t see me or I might get kidnapped.

"It was neither my intention to startle or worry you, I was never in any danger. I can handle myself quite well, you’d be surprised~" It wasn’t really nice to be this vague in a situation like this, but it was nothing new to Yuuya. He was always acting like this. Things that were absolutely terrifying he didn’t fear anymore. If it was because of bravery, or just complete lack of sense, he didn’t know.

"For what I saw, no one was harmed, and whoever the person running was, they got away. But then, that’s just what I saw. I have seen quite a lot of things like these before so I suppose that’s why it didn’t freak me out." Yuuya thought it was rather odd how unaware most citizens of this town were of all the shady things going on in the night there. "Maybe I’m just an optimist."

"Is that so? I am pleased to know there was never any danger of you being severely harmed. Returning your pieces to your family would not be a task I relished in. It is not that I doubt your capabilities, just… Oh, it does not matter."

Nageki listened to Yuuya’s account of what he had seen and heard with interest, being sure to pay attention to each word he said. “You must be an optimist to be so relaxed about this. Few people would.” He narrowed his eyes skeptically. “Wait, so if a shooting is not anything out of the ordinary for you then why were you so insistent on knowing where I was and coming to meet me?”

"I don’t know if my family would really care that much." He meant that as a joke, but then grimaced a bit at his own words. He shouldn’t talk too much about his family life, he didn’t need people to ask questions. Or hear the ever so comforting "I’m sure that’s not true." Well, maybe his mum cared. Oh well, it didn’t matter!

"Because a shooting is not a common thing for you? I would be fine, but you seemed really frightened and you didn’t know what to do, so I thought it was best that I showed up for you to settle down." Nageki was sharp, hopefully he’d believe Yuuya. Really, it wasn’t entirely a lie. Rather leaving out the truth.

Yuuya in my clothes, a part one out of a meme ask-isasouma sent me an ask for. It got a bit wonky cus I’m pretty tired right now and my head hurts, so imma stop drawing for a bit


Hang in there Mög, I have always been very nervous on train rides because of friends getting lost cus wrong trains or missinc their stops


And I guess it went better now Lisa, I am on the right train so I guess I made it TTvTT

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Cain is my favourite as of yet

Short!Yuuya dressed up as our favourite princess ☆

The AU I made up myself in a crossover with Yowamushi Pedal

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*spams group chat letting everyone know I am terrified of train trips*

*gives all my coins to a homeless man because whatever I have 52 1 kronor*

*an other homeless comes right after him*