This is an indie Ask/RP blog for Sakazaki Yuuya. Pretty much anything goes, which means you can ask questions and roleplay with me if you just drop me a message!

It’s completely up to you when you want an rp to happen, and we can absolutely roleplay AU’s.

I’m up for any kind of roleplaying except for nsfw, until I grow more comfortable with you. I'm pretty shy and a bit insecure about writing it since I'm swedish and all... so just bear with me until I get the courage. Sorry!

It's not so easy to get with senpai as they say.

My rp tag is #Classified, just black list that if you're here to chat ~

I hope we can have fun together <3
A+ Spy
Ah, mon amie. The stars once spoke of our fated meeting. Now, with their words decades old in age, they finally came true. Let's not let them down now, shall we?

Sitting on the train doing Shingeki no Kyojin crossovers with Yuuya

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